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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Designation Essentials
Status Currently offered and recognized by the issuing organization.
Issuing Organization CFA Institute
Qualification and Training Requirements

Candidates must:

  1. meet one of the following requirements prior to enrollment in the CFA Program:
    • hold a bachelor's or equivalent degree from a college/university;
    • be within 11 months of the graduation month for a bachelor’s degree or equivalent program by the date of sitting for the Level I exam; or
    • have a combination of 4,000 hours of work experience and/or higher education that was acquired over a minimum of three sequential years by the date of enrolling for the Level I exam;
  2. have 4,000 hours of qualified work experience in the investment decision-making process (accrued before, during, or after participation in the CFA Program); and
  3. submit two-to-three professional reference letters.
Designation Training Requirements

Self-study program

Designation Exam Type

Three in-person, proctored, closed-book, computer-based exams

Continuing Education Requirements


Verification and Complaints
Online Designation Resource

Online at Member Directory

Investor Complaint Process

Online at Report Misconduct By a Member or Candidate

Published List of Disciplined Designees

Online at Industry-Related Sanctions