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FINRA Rule 4530 – CRD Form U4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For detailed information regarding amendments to FINRA Rule 4530, please see Regulatory Notice 13-08.

1. How can a firm affirmatively state that a Form U4 amendment is to also be applied to satisfy a Rule 4530(a)(1) reporting requirement?
Effective March 4, 2013, when a firm files a Form U4 amendment involving a criminal matter, regulatory action, civil judicial or customer complaint/arbitration/civil litigation, the filer will be presented with the option to apply the information in the Form U4 amendment to satisfy a Rule 4530(a)(1) reporting requirement. If a filer chooses this option, the filer should select the checkbox appearing on the applicable Disclosure Reporting Page (DRP), review the explanatory text concerning the details required for Rule 4530 submissions and provide any additional required information.

2. Are firms required to use the Rule 4530(a)(1) checkbox functionality in Form U4?
No, use of the checkbox to report events relating to registered individuals is optional. Firms may continue to report such events using the FINRA Rule 4530 application. However, if firms elect to use the checkbox in Form U4, they should not also file the same disclosure through the Rule 4530 application.

3. How will firms be able to identify Form U4 amendments that were applied to satisfy Rule 4530(a)(1) reporting requirements?
Beginning on June 17, 2013, a standard download report will be available to firms. Users will be able to enter date search parameters (dating back to 03/04/2013 when the Rule 4530(a)(1) checkbox in Form U4 first became available). If firms need evidence of a Rule 4530 submission, they can also print hard copies from an individual’s form filing history.

4. Who should firms contact if they have questions that are not covered here regarding Rule 4530 or Form U4?
For CRD-related questions, please contact the FINRA Support Center at (301) 869-6699 or send an email.

Visit the Rule 4530 Events and Customer Complaint Filings page for additional information regarding the Rule 4530 reporting requirements or the Regulation Filing application. Any technical questions, concerns, or entitlement issues about the Rule 4530 Regulation Filing application should be directed to the FINRA Help Desk at (800) 321-6273.