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Learn About Regulatory Oversight of Funding Portals

Surveillance and Examinations

FINRA regularly examines funding portal members to determine compliance with FINRA's funding portal rules and SEC requirements. FINRA conducts examinations of each funding portal within the first 12 months of membership and no less frequently than once every four years thereafter. In addition, FINRA conducts ongoing surveillance of funding portals' activities.

Reporting Requirements

Funding Portal Rule 300(c) requires each funding portal member to report to FINRA (and sets forth the obligation of such members' associated persons to report to the member) regulatory proceedings, disciplinary and other events. Funding portal members must use the Funding Portal Rule 300(c) Form for their reporting requirements pursuant to the rule. The form is available through the Funding Portal Gateway.

Eligibility Requirements

Under the FINRA By-Laws, no member shall be admitted to or continued in membership, and no person shall be associated with a member, continue to be associated with a member, or transfer association to another member, if such member or person is or becomes subject to a disqualification. Learn more.