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Register a New Candidate

Firms must register any person engaged in the securities business of the firm by filing the appropriate registration application online through the Central Registration Depository (CRD) Program to become registered with FINRA, the appropriate jurisdictions and/or self-regulatory organizations.

Optional Form U4 E-Signature and CE Notification Features Available in FINRA Gateway

Effective September 25, firms can now enable two new optional features in FINRA Gateway’s Firm Settings. Registered securities professionals with FinPro accounts can now receive auto-generated email reminders about their regulatory element CE requirement as well as electronically sign their Form U4 filings.

CRD-Registered Firms

Firms registered with one or more CRD-participating regulators must file a Form U4 (Uniform Application for Securities Industry Registration or Transfer Form) for each individual who will perform particular activities on behalf of the firm.

Non-FINRA Firms

Test Enrollment Services System (TESSTM) should be used by individuals who are not associated with a firm in CRD. TESS allows individuals to self-enroll for a FINRA-administered qualification exam or continuing education (CE) session. Individuals who hold an active registration in CRD with a firm cannot use this system.

Generally, individuals who use TESS fall into one of the following categories:

  • they are not employed or associated with a firm, or
  • they are employed by a firm and required to enroll for a FINRA-administered exam or CE by a regulatory authority, but their firm association is not captured in CRD.

Jurisdictions and SROs that participate in CRD are listed in the SRO/Jurisdiction Fee and Setting Schedule.


Applicable examination fees and registration-related fees are assessed with form filings submitted through CRD. Non-FINRA firm candidates will be assessed fees for their qualification exams at the time of enrollment request.

Waiver Guidelines

FINRA may, in exceptional cases and where good cause is shown, waive qualification examinations and accept other standards as evidence of an applicant’s qualification for registration. Waiver requests must be filed electronically by the sponsoring firm via the FINRA Gateway.

Withdrawing an Individual Application (Form U5)

To voluntarily withdraw a Form U4 application filed on behalf of a registered individual, an Applicant (and member firm) should file Form U5 (the Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Registration) electronically to CRD. A filing fee will be deducted from the firm's CRD account once filed. See Article V, Section 3 of FINRA By-Laws regarding the member firm's obligation to notify FINRA and the associated person of the termination, and the continuing obligation of the member firm to update the Form U5 after termination.