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International Test Centers Policies & Procedures

Test administration procedures at all international locations are, for the most part, the same as for tests/CE sessions administered domestically. The only exceptions are the data processing consent form and the international surcharge fee (see last two bullets). The standard procedures are as follows:

  • Filing an Application to Test
    Applications to test can be submitted either:
    • by a member firm for their associated participant via a Form U4 Uniform Application for Broker Dealer Registration, or
    • independently by a participant affiliated with a non-FINRA entity via the Test Enrollment Services System (TESSTM).

    Firms must file a Form U4 through Web CRD or participants must enroll through TESS before an appointment may be scheduled.

    Note: Participants are identified by their CRD or FINRA ID numbers for testing purposes. Accordingly, participants should have their unique identification number available when scheduling an appointment.

    Individuals who cancel or reschedule a qualification examination within 10 business days of a scheduled appointment date will incur a fee. For detailed information, please review FINRA's Cancellation and Reschedule Policy.

  • Participant ID Requirement
    In order to gain admission to an international test center, the participant must provide one (1) form of valid, government-issued identification containing both a photo and signature.  Examples of acceptable photo IDs include: a valid driver's license, a military identification, a passport, or a similar type of official document issued by a government agency.
  • Limited English Proficiency (formerly known as English as a Second Language)
    FINRA provides participants with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) additional time to complete a FINRA-administered qualification test provided they follow certain protocols. Participants with LEP are persons who do not speak English as their primary language and have limited ability to read, speak, write or understand English. Please review the LEP process for complete details.
  • Data Processing Consent Form
    All participants testing internationally will be required to sign a Data Processing Consent Form at the testing center for the collection and processing of personal data. Prior to your appointment, you may view a copy of the . Please note that this form will be provided to you when registering at the testing center.
  • International Delivery Surcharge
    A registration fee surcharge of $15.00 for international delivery will be charged to the participant's firm upon completion of the session.