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Online Testing Technical Resources for Firms

For firms with test candidates using company-issued equipment on their corporate networks to take their exams online, your firm's technology team should be consulted about what it will take to ensure that the ProProctor application will successfully run on the day of the candidate's exam.

Please note that Prometric's ProProctor application was not architected as an enterprise application. During our pilot, we found that some firms were able to certify and successfully install the application on their corporate networks, while other firms experienced issues and limitations that led them to not pursue this option. As a result, FINRA and Prometric highly recommend that candidates use personal computers (or corporate loaners) on their home networks. With that said, we understand that there are benefits associated with having candidates test on company-issued devices on a corporate network, and the resources below are being provided to support your technology team as they pursue that option.

Note: You will need a Firm Gateway or CRD/IARD login in order to access these files. If you do not have login credentials, contact your firm's Super Account Administrator (SAA) to request a Firm Gateway or CRD/IARD account as applicable. View the Entitlement Program page for more information.

  • ProProctor Admin Guide: This document is designed to provide desktop engineering and information security teams information about the ProProctor application, the installation and update process, and network and computing environment requirements. 
  • Firewall Rule Change Summary: This one-page summary describes the firewall rule changes required to ensure the proper operation of the ProProctor application.

    (Note: The new rules described in this updated document are required as of May 3, 2021, when the migration of exams to the new Prometric platform will begin. If you are currently supporting online qualification testing on your corporate network, existing firewall rules should not be removed until that migration is complete. We will update this page when the old rules can be deprecated). (Last updated April 30, 2020)
  • Files Installed: This document provides a list of files installed during the installation process.
  • ProProctor Audit Plan: This one-page plan is designed to help information security teams understand the audits and practices in place to ensure the security of the ProProctor application.
  • Scheduling a Test Appointment: This document describes how your technology staff can request a demo enrollment and test the successful installation of the application using a demo exam.

Note: These documents contain internal Prometric information. They are designed to help your IT staff understand what is necessary to successfully install the application and to expedite their desktop engineering certification efforts.  Please treat these as confidential and only share them internally as needed.