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Margin Statistics

Pursuant to FINRA Rule 4521(d), FINRA member firms carrying margin accounts for customers are required to submit, on a settlement date basis, as of the last business day of the month, the following customer information:

  • the total of all debit balances in securities margin accounts; and
  • the total of all free credit balances in all cash accounts and all securities margin accounts.

FINRA collects the required data via FINRA's Customer Margin Balance Form. The data is compiled in aggregate form, made available below and in Excel format via the download link on this page. See Margin Balance Reporting: Frequently Asked Questions under FINRA Rule 4521(d) (published April 13, 2021) for additional guidance on the calculation of these balances. Monthly variations in the reported balances may be partially due to member firms modifying the methods used in determining the balances reported to FINRA since the publication of the FAQ. Please note, FINRA generally publishes updates to the Margin Statistics on the third week of the month following the reference month. FINRA does not provide the data outside of this webpage and data feeds are not available.

FINRA Statistics1 (shown in $ millions)

Month/YearDebit Balances in Customers' Securities Margin AccountsFree Credit Balances in Customers' Cash AccountsFree Credit Balances in Customers' Securities Margin Accounts

1As of February 2010, data are collected pursuant to FINRA Rule 4521 and are aggregated across all member firms, regardless of whether the firm was designated to NASD or the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) before the consolidation of NASD and the member firm regulation operations of NYSE Regulation in July 2007 that created FINRA.

Historical Data

For data prior to the last month shown in the above table, please download the data, starting from January 1997, in Excel format by clicking on the “Download the Data” button on the right. Through January 2010, NYSE and FINRA each independently collected similar margin data from their respective member firms but combined the Free Credit Balances in both Cash and Margin into a single amount.