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Appendix C Data Publication

Pursuant to FINRA Rule 6191(b)(4)(B), FINRA publishes aggregated Market Maker Profitability data on a monthly basis at no charge. FINRA does not identify the market makers that generated the data or the individual securities. 

FINRA aggregates and publishes the following data categorized by Control Group and each Test Group:

  • market maker profitability statistics for market makers for which FINRA is the designated examining authority (DEA);
  • market maker profitability statistics collected from other participants that are DEAs; and
  • market maker profitability statistics for market makers whose DEA is not a participant.

FINRA publishes Appendix C.II data on FINRA’s website within 30 calendar days following the end of the month. 

Note: FINRA began publishing the monthly data February 28, 2017, for April 2016 through January 2017. Thereafter, each month’s data will be available on FINRA’s website by the 30th calendar day of the following month.

Requirements and Technical Specifications

The requirements and associated technical details for file download are available in the 

Appendix C.II. Data

Files are available for download via HTTP. No user ID or password is required to access the files.