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Test Group Assignments

On September 3, 2016, firms migrated from the Pre-Pilot Data Security List to the Pilot Security List. During the month of September, for the purposes of data collection, all securities on the Pilot Security List (with the exception of any test securities that may be included) are in the Control Group.  Securities will be moved into the Test Groups, as appropriate, once the Pilot begins on October 3. The movement of securities from the Control Group to the applicable Test Group will be reflected in the daily change file.

On September 6, for informational purposes, each listing exchange also published a Pilot Securities List that includes the Test Group assignments that will be used during the Pilot. FINRA has consolidated those lists into a single file, for your reference, and will update the list as changes occur. Please note: this list is informational only, and should not be used for data collection purposes. 

Test Group Assignment File 

Security Selection and Group Assignment Process

On September 2nd, the Listing Exchanges established which securities will be included as Pilot Securities for the Tick Size Pilot Plan and in which Tick Pilot Test Group each eligible security will be assigned.

Information on the category assignments used in the Pilot Securities selection process is 

. A detailed description of the process for category assignments can be found in the Tick Pilot NMS Plan.