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Amber Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


I understand that short selling is viewed as important to the health of the stock market; however, when it is used to maliciously attack retail investors, it should in no way be legal. The existence of naked short selling remains a recurrent problem for many stocks, AMC and GME being two of the most notorious. If there is even the possibility of naked shorting, shorting should immediately be disallowed until the naked shorts are found and covered or the existence of naked shorts in the float of the stock is disproved. The fact that these stocks are still allowed to be massively shorted even though the speculation that naked shorting is extremely prevalent amongst the main stream media and retail traders is disgusting. Nothing has been done in the nearly seven months since this trading tragedy has begun. Who has been there to protect retail investors since this has begun? No one. Faith in the stock market is at an all time low and something needs to be done. The aforementioned suggestion, I believe would be a great start to rectify this massive problem. Thank you.