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Angela Heath Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Angela Heath

Market makers and Hedge funds have turned the stock market into a casino. The practice of short selling and even worse naked short selling are nothing short of criminal. Allowing these firms to manipulate the price of shares at will, in dark pools, without any threat of consequences is reprehensible. How the SEC continues to allow this practice shines light on their impotence and questions the integrity and value of this agency. Thus is corruption at its worst. The ability to bring a corporation to its knees, bankrupt and put tens of thousands of employees out of work, while they drain the life from these companies is not what capitalism is about. Shame on you all for not enforcing existing rules and enacting new legislation that would prohibit this behavior. The Heggies and those who bankroll them have spent the last 6 moths to 1 year manipulating GME and AMC, Stock prices in broad daylight, thru short selling, naked short selling and willful FTD of their stocks., using synthetic/phantom shares to reap mega billions in profits, all while the SEC Has looked the other way. The last few months hedge funds have strategically, thru the dark pool, using counterfeit shares, brought AMC SHARE PRICES , from 72 dollars to 46 dollars. All the while trying to avoid the inevitable. All in broad daylight, reported on by ORTEX DAILY. The practice should be criminal, these heggies should be forced to deliver the shares they borrowed, all the shares, synthetic and real shares. How can we trust a market being manipulated at the expense of American businesses and retail investors. These practices have to be banned. Retail investors need to know they have just as much an opportunity to benefit from investments in Wall Street as the top 1%. Restore integrity, purse justice. Capitalism should work for all of us.