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Anisa Manion Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Anisa Manion

On my journey to investing in the stock market and am finding out that groups of Hedge funds have been manipulating stocks for their own and client’s personal gain. Where shorting a stock can be useful to help companies provide liquidity and entice investors, shorting companies to bankruptcy is not. In fact to bankrupt a company in order to make naked shorts disappear (and hence any accountability ) and to eliminate capital gains tax is just deplorable. Hedge funds including other Market Makers have been using loopholes in the process of shorting and bankrupting companies. Ladder attacks, high frequency trading and dark pools are used to hide all the institutional practices from the public. This is what is going on with several stocks including AMC and GME just to give a few examples. I, as an individual retail investors have a lot of resources to visualize the trades that are going through the dark pools. In addition the magnitude of naked shorts and under reporting of their positions as shorts and often made long are known. I have access to legitimate information in regards to dark pools, legal council and hedge fund managers of legitimate institutions. Adam Aron, the CEO of AMC, is having a shareholder meeting on July 29th to determine how many naked shorts are out there. My ask is that you review naked shorts, under reporting of long positions, dark pool loop holes, high frequency trading and to have this monitored, made transparent, and regulated in the name of creating a fair market place. In the absence of this, the world may see the United States of America’s wall street as the most undesirable and unsafe place to place their money. If this is out of your scope of practice please forward and (cc me) to the appropriate regulatory body.