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Anonymous-AE Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


Finra, The short selling on the market has become a joke to many of us. We see so much manipulation with simple indictators like the Inflow beating the Outflow by i.e. '100' yet we manage to drop $5? So, it would be nice to see (for a start) if this is shorting pressure, or if this is manipulation. It would give us chance to evaluate why the stock is dropping yet its only being bought up by 'Apes'. With short positions, I dont believe we can trust HFs to be responsible for recording and submitting their own positions, I think this needs to be: 1. Recorded each day-week instead of every 2 weeks 2. Recorded by a particular system that cannot be manipulated, or even a specialist from Finra who goes and logs the short positions, both ON and OFF the exchange i.e. Dark Pools and Naked Shorting. For you to be able to actually make a mark in the ground, you would need to investigate the 'DP' positions and possibly take a SI% recording off exchange. Otherwise, whatever you do will become unimportant. ALL SI%'s need recording, both on and off exchange for you to make an impact and allow the markets to be 'fairer'. The recording of shorting a stock needs to be much more specific as I myself and many others do not believe that AMC is only 19% shorted, especially when we see very red days and the 'predicted' SI doesnt even move. I hope you do the Apes well and decide to open up the true SI%, give us fairer ground in the market and allow us to continuing fighting the manipulation. If this doesnt squeeze or nothing changes, I think the NYSE will have a big problem when people decide not to invest again. I have spoken to many of my buddies and people dont want to invest in a rigged market! Its unfair and if nothing changes, I myself and millions of others will be cashing out and moving to an unregulated crypto market if this continues. Regards, AE