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Anonymous-AA Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


There are no rules. Why even have all of this? Naked shorting continues, dark pool trading is out of control. EVERYTHING is set up for the institutions and the super rich to get richer, and the retail investor to be left holding a bag. The institutions are allowed to continue to gamble recklessly and get bailed out when it doesn’t go their way. There needs to be real change in the system to be fair, and transparent. If you short or naked short a stock on margin, you need to fulfill that obligation and buy that stock back with no delays or nonsense of shorting convertible bonds and whatever else they do to drive prices down. If a short squeeze is imminent it can not be stopped or manipulated. It must be allowed to play out how it should with no intervention to help save the institutions who dug a hole for themselves. The little guy can not be hurt at the expense of enabling institutions to continue to behave recklessly