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Anonymous-CN Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


The reporting requirements of short interest and short positions has long been due for reform. Running rampant in the market has been illegal market manipulation of stock prices utilizing failures of short reporting, specifically regarding short-exempt shares, naked short-selling, short positions being reported as long positions, hiding failure-to-delivers inside of far out-of-the-money puts/calls, among other failures of accurate reporting and tracking. As the market currently stands, retail investors have been robbed of billions of dollars by crooked institutions and market makers abusing their powers and authority by heavily shorting companies to manipulate the share prices down and pocketing the difference. Some even try to bankrupt the companies they are shorting, removing any responsibility to return the shares borrowed to short with, allowing these entities to gain profit without paying taxes on said profits. We, the people, deserve to be able to participate in a free transparent market. Any advancements to improve the reporting of short interest and short positions is warmly welcomed. I would like to say that these changes need to not only be robust, but need to be firm. We need to remove the abilities of the malicious entities to manipulate their data and to improve on the tracking of these companies and their data, and to heavily enforce actual punishments for failures to comply with regulations, such as removal of powers and restrict trading abilities, and to include imprisonment for cases of extreme nature. Please, I implore you to do everything within your power to regulate and introduce more accurate and more robust reporting requirements and data-tracking of short positions. The market as it stands is full of malicious manipulation, and we need to fix it.