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Anonymous-BO Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


It is completely demoralizing as a retail investor to see what goes on with the stock market manipulation via shorting, off-exchange trading, and lack of reporting on short positions. The market is only fair if you have enough money to play. The fact that institutions can trade off exchange, use a million different tactics to short a stock (especially high frequency trading), and get fined repeatedly without any real repercussions creates a massive problem within our market. Unfortunately, as I wrote this comment, I have zero trust that FINRA, the SEC, the DTCC, and all other parties involved will ever make the necessary changes or take action to bring justice to the crimes that are committed every single day on the market. Without complete transparency we will never have a free and fair market, and this begins with honest, detailed reporting of all positions and trades. Until then, I will have no faith in the US Stock Market.