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Anonymous-R Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


There should be no "dark pool." Where they change the orders to whatever fits their agenda. This is obvious they are literally keeping the prices one to two cents below certain strike prices that have blown up in call options, then as soon as there are over ten thousand for one certain strike price they stop the momentum and hold it there until after market close. This is obvious to a new investor such as myself, so I know you all see it. Maybe if half of the politicians weren't paid by citadel and dtcc and the sec for letting crimes go. These people drive others to kill themselves without repercussions. These people destroyed our economy. Our dollar is a joke, our market is a joke and will never ever recover if you don't do the right thing. Not help your rich friends who screwed things up so badly for us again. I will be bringing a law suit to you as well as the rest as soon as this is over so I am sure other people and other countries are going to do the same as well as pull all their money from the American "market." House of cards. Also a joke. I think you [REDACTED] all think you are just going to shake this off. It will be written in history who didnt do anything we the American economy was destroyed by a handful of billionaires who just can't get enough for themselves. Greedy america, as usual.