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Anonymous-JB Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


As a retail investor, it is very clear and evidenced through obvious stock price manipulation that the market as it is constructed today favors the hedge funds and market makers. Put simply, retail investors want a more transparent market for everyone. Some things that would help: 1. Accurate data reported in real time (short interest, FTD, etc…). Short positions should be reported and released to the public daily. 2. More legitimate regulations and impactful penalties on naked short selling. The fines that exist for FTDs and naked short selling are not impactful enough to discourage the behavior. 3. Hedge Funds and Market Makers should not be permitted to be operated by the same company 4. Dark pool manipulation (high frequency low volume trading designed to manipulate share price) needs to be enforced and severely punished 5. Regulatory agencies should be auditing regularly to ensure shorts and FTD’s are not being hidden through options The system is far too tolerant of illegal market actions being conducted by hedge funds and market makers through the use of dark pools and naked short selling. These activities are actively hurting the market, negatively impacting companies and damaging the public’s trust in the American financial system. Thank you for the opportunity to provide input, here’s hoping you listen and act on the public’s feedback for the betterment of all traders and restoration of trust in our financial markets.