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Anonymous-RL Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


The fact that we have to comment to get you to do your job speaks volumes. The whole world sees how corrupt the US stock market is. All trust has been lost. It was extremely easy to see the fraud and corruption happening, yet the media and politicians acted like they had no idea what what was going on. Boomers don't understand how the internet works. The attacks and lies were pathetic and proved how dumb Wall Street really is. To blame Reddit for manipulation in order to hide massive fraud, manipulation, and corruption was the biggest joke we've ever witnessed. You make laws and regulations but don't enforce them. The amount of corruption is insane! Pretending to do your job now means nothing to nobody. You all should be in prison, but will never face any real consequences. Extreme measures need to be taken. The entire financial sector of the government needs to be removed and rebuilt from scratch, by people we can trust. You learned nothing from the 2008 housing crisis and it shows how useless your jobs are. The ties to the media are also sickening. Everything about this situation is sickening. The damage has already been done. Now we can be heard? How about you do your job. Let the squeezes happen for AMC and GME, admit wrongdoing, admit the mainstream media has been lying to the public. Until this happens no one will believe anything you say.