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Anonymous-JS Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


I agree with everything there 100% needs to be more transparency in the stock market. I believe reporting should be done daily so that it will be harder for someone to try and hide or fake their positions since they won't have time. With all the money they make and High Frequency Trading these firms do they have no reason to say reporting daily is too hard or impossible. I also recommend making all the data available to the public and not hold back some just for regulatory purposes because one of the issues with the stock market is the belief these firms pay off other agencies like FINRA and SEC for information. If all the information is out in the open that argument is weakened and the average investor who doesn't have millions has access to the same information. If some personal details aren't legally allowed to be shared they can be redacted and the rest of the information be public. Also i believe fines for malicious shorting or naked shorting need to be all of their profit from the violation. If they make $1 billion off of breaking the rules why would they care about a $100 million fine. Plus I assume FINRA or the Government takes that money for themselves so it's better for you too. Use it to pay some bills.