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Anonymous-RI Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Retail investor

I am a novice retail investor and learning more each day. Here are a few remarks: 1. If naked or synthetic short is illegal, why allow it to happen? A company that issued 30 million shares should not be trading 100 million shares. 2. Rule breakers should pay fine to security agencies (SEC, FINRA, NTCC, etc.), compensate clients, and be restricted from trading certain stocks for a period of time. If behavior continues, apply more restrictions. 3. If manipulations can be done easily in the Darkpool and transactions done there can't be seen in the lit market, then why allow Darkpool to exist as a platform? 4. Downsize the entire stock trading entity because as is, the market is too complicated that those who want to manipulate it can do so without being challenged or noticed. 5. Will the security agencies be able to read through all these new data requirements for compliance if existing rules have not been strongly enforced? Thank you!