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Anonymous-EW Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


While these increased reporting requirements around the currently broadly obvious abused short selling practices in the stock market (including naked shorting, mis-reporting longs as shorts, re-hypothecated shares, married puts/calls, and fails to deliver) are a step in the right direction, the proposed changes do not go far enough to provide transparency and fairness to the public. Please consider providing all of this data to the public - the number of settled legal cases around predatory short selling (market manipulation) by major market makers, brokers, hedge funds, and banks in the past 2 decades show that it is an area ripe with fraud, with insufficient regulation and especially, insufficient transparency to the public. Fraud exists in darkness and secrecy... it is far past time to shine a light on this. This is most definitely fraud and I find it insulting that every one of you can see that it's being done intentionally, obviously and directly in the open. The paying of bots to spread outright lies to manipulate is dispicable sooooo immoral. All of this is immoral. Just wait because I will be suing for all the money I have lost on options due to all of these illegal practices being done under our noses. Be prepared for millions of lawsuits for anyone involved in this bs. Now let's see if anyone listens or if we get ignored once again.