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Anthony George Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Anthony George

I’m interested in seeing more transparency for the average retail investor. Short sellers are manipulating the stock market right in front of our eyes. Its not hidden, its right in front of our faces. Quite unfair and corrupt. I feel a big disadvantage as a retail investor because of how hard a short selling company can manipulate the price of a stock and have an effect on the actual price of the stock to drive it down and crash these good companies because their greed for money is that strong. Short ladder attacks for example are a big thing I would like for the SEC to look into. A lot of others feel the same. Another big thing I want you to look into is FTDS (failed to delivers) because this is also corrupt. If they dont pay the FTD and return the stock, this is completely unfair and should be handled immediately. Retail is at an unfair advantage and this will cause the average retail investor scared to ever invest in the stock market again if things like this continue to happen in front of our eyes. Nobody likes an unfair hand without given a fair one in general. Great companies are being manipulated and money is being filled in the pockets of the people failing these great companies. Please look into this and make the market a FAIR market for all and not just big time investors.