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Anthony Grisanti II Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Anthony Grisanti II

To me, it is absolutely absurd that short positions are not required to be reported. If you require long positions to be reported, why shouldn't short positions? It seems as though the regulators are far too concerned with keeping the status quo and are letting hedge funds run wild, in a largely unregulated portion of the market. We have seen numerous short squeezes this year arising from predatory shorting of companies (also, quite odd that the data we do have suggest that short interest increased in US retail stocks prior to the COVID restrictions, indicating that the hedge funds were betting on the retail market to fail). I feel that short positions, at base, are non-predatory; it's important to hedge your long position with short positions. But hedge funds, at base, are capital focused; most are willing to flaunt regulations often to maximize gains. This dichotomy is a condition of an unhealthy market. Level the playing field, and you'll see more competition and less oligarchs gobbling up little guys for cents on the dollar.