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Ardele Steele Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Ardele Steele

Data transparency is a must of having reliability, responsibility, and accountability within in financial industry. Without the full faith and trust in a fair system, myself and other investors would see no reason to put our hard earned money at risk to the "Wall Street Boys Club". As such, all information about short sale positions, short interest, etc. must be publicly and freely available in real time immediately. Need to do away with "short exempt", crack down on naked short selling, and the ability to sale on Dark pools. Anything less than full disclosure increases corruption, collusion, and financial treason. Has Volvo, Gamestop, and now AMC taught us nothing. Also, please note that if you wish to places fines on someone it should be at a level to provide a true lesson/example for not just the business but all businesses. (example: 60% of what was earned doing the dirty deed.)