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Anonymous-AH Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Aspire Health

The current US market is tainted with fraud, with the regulatory agencies being seemingly aware or not doing their function properly. Through complacency - years of unchecked fraud and market manipulation have been allowed to happen with impunity. The counterfeiting practice of naked shorting has happened for many years, with nothing being done to rectify the illegality of the market conditions. Naked shorting is not legal. - Conditions need to be met by regulatory agencies to ensure it doesn't happen. - Short positions need to be reported daily by funds and market makers, and public notice needs to be reported daily on a public website for that purpose, for all holdings and companies in the market. - Audits need to happen by regulatory agencies to ensure shorts and FTDs are not being hidden in options. What are they hiding? - Punishments need to be severe enough to ensure it doesn't continue, and in a timely manner. - Large hedge funds and Market Makers are at times the same people. How is that fair and just? They need to be broken up. - High frequency low volume trades done in dark pools are being used to influence stock pricing. This market manipulation needs to be clamped down on, enforced, and punished with heavy fines. Thank you for your interest in opinion, it shows that hopefully something may hopefully be done to correct these hidden illegal practices...please set a good example - transactions should be visible and people should bear responsibility for them.