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Benjamin Nguyen Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Benjamin Nguyen

As a hard working citizen of the USA, I put my faith in the government to ensure the system work for all investors. It is hard enough for folks having to deal with rising real estate and other costs, but I am told to work hard and invest to offset. I am losing faith in the system and the government who sworn to protect all investors. I do not understand why short sellers have so many opportunities and loop holes to fail delivery. A transaction should be transparent and if you cannot deliver on your shares on a timely manner then you ought to not be part of the transaction. For the sake of the population, please do the right thing. History tells us Empires and Kingdoms have collapsed because the population lose faith in their government. We are told America is different than China or other countries with high corruption, I want to believe this is true, but it is becoming more challenging every day.