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Bianca Ramjit Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Bianca Ramjit
Accounting bookkeeping

Hello my comment is really quite simple I’m a new investor trying to break the cycle of poverty in my family with that being said as little as I know i have seen the blatant manipulation and illegal actions by billionaire companies only be handed a fine for breaking the law and completely manipulating a system that should be for everyone not just the 1 percent who has molded the stock market to their own personal bank accounts. While working Americans struggle to save some money to invest only for their manipulation and propaganda which they pay and in some cases own the television stations to lie to the public and again manipulate the sticks by spewing false news and thus causing retail investors to make inaccurate decisions. On top of that they are blatantly shorting stocks and creating synthetic shares and nothing is done about it! It’s insane a 10 k fine for these criminals is like pocket change why would they stop they are making billions on naked shorting while u all turn a blind eye. So much corruption it’s disgusting.