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Anonymous-C Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


To whom it may concern, I feel that things could go better if rules which are passed are enforced. Shorts and naked shorts should be closed and not covered because they(hedge funds with short positions) just use illegal ways for covering. Using the rules to over manipulate a stock (AMC, GME) isn't fair market and harsher punishment should be the consequences. Jail time, fines which start in $500 millions, bared from short selling or trading, taking away their license. If I were to be doing this,Iike printing money and using it I wiuld go to priaon that's what short selling and naked short becomes when they don't close their positions. Not only that but using the data from buyers though illegal means like paying off brokers and then trading it through a dark pool before they become "shares" and purposely using it to short stocks that retail investors are invested in is wrong. Also the fact that institutions like SEC and the DTCC don't actually do anything to stop them and that they have people who used to or are currently affiliated with hedge funds which short AMC and GME makes it look like they are all in the same side. People all over the world are losing faith in the American markets and noticing the blatant fraud and manipulation that is being done there while the rich hedge funds use money from people pensions and investors recklessly. The news and media outlets are being paid off to broadcast false narratives about these stocks and hedge funds are paying inside people to go to places like reddit, YouTube, Twitter and other online spaces to infiltrate and post false information and manipulation of the stocks to actually pump and dump (stocks like clove) so they can keep on shorting. Also many brokers are lending out shares when they are in cash only accounts and or telling their clients they must allow this to happen or else their accounts are in danger. Tell me, is this how the free market works? Because it looks like is rigged against those who aren't rich enough to dump millions in manipulation. Thank you for your time.