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Carl Davis Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Carl Davis
Sir. Lab Tech

Stop charging small fines to hedge funds manipulating the stock market. They break the federal laws, knowing that you, FINRA, SEC and DTCC will just give them a pat-on-the-back. All of the recent actions we've seen you, FINRA, the SEC and DTCC taken as of recent points to collusion with Market Makers, and hedge funds. It's the very reason why the children of the FBI and CIA have convinced our family members to look into all 3 said (including you, a.k.a FINRA) practices. We know the corruption now, the world can see it and we won't stop seeking justice. We won the bet and saved AMC and GME. Start the margin calls, then abolished the dark pool. The AMC and GME can help restore the housing market, help our community thrive, create businesses and jobs. We've came together with people that we would have never thought of, but this movement has opened our minds to more peaceful resolutions. DO YOUR JOB, AND HELP SAVE OUR PLANET FROM MEN SEEKING TO DESTROY UNIFICATION.