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Carter Sanders Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Carter Sanders

Short selling is legal, fair, and a proper tool to use in the markets to bring down the price of an over-valued security. Why does it feel like institutions have so much power over retail? Why does it feel like I am going up against massive opponents that refuse to lose? Why do they get away with criminal activity to avoid billions in losses to only pay regulators millions in fines? It's completely disgusting and makes me want to withdraw all my money from the markets. The whole point of a market is price discovery and capital formation. This helps grow companies and foster innovation. The market (in mine and millions of other's opinions) has turned into a rigged casino. A casino in which the operators will cut the electricity whenever the house is down money. I want change, and it's up to taxpayer funded organizations to create new rules or send these criminals to prison. Here is a perfect example of the hypocrisy: 1. Let's say I rob a bank for $10 million dollars. 2. I get caught a couple months after the robbery. 3. The police come to my house, and fine me $2 million dollars for the violation. 4. They do NOT take me to jail, they do NOT take the entire $10 million dollars back to the bank. 5. Do you think I'd give up my career in bank robbing? Or would I continue to rob banks? It's nothing less than people committing actions they have always gotten away with. At the time of making the trade, short-sellers were aware of the small chance that a group of retail investors would decide they like the stock, and start buying. This is not collusion, this is the outcome of arrogant short sellers shorting over 100% of the free float.