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Chelsie Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


The average investor in the United States is kept woefully in the dark when it comes to the dealings of large institutions, such as Citadel. The power institutions like this have to manipulate the market and evade even the simplest rules of the "free and fair" market has proven astronomical. Retail investors need more transparent access to short positions that these large institutions largely take out to bankrupt American companies, kill jobs and enrich themselves. No entity should have to absolute power to control the price of a stock and naked short to oblivion at the risk of market collapse, or at the very least, easily steal from retail investors. The reporting should be daily and automatic, not ever self reported. Minuscule fines for these behemoth companies have not helped in the least to hold them accountable for numerous misdeeds. Lastly, no entity should be allowed to hide retail investor purchases in a dark pool meant to keep stocks stable from very large institutional buys. Stock prices are actively manipulated against retail investors every single day (through shorting and mass naked shorting) and it is time we put an end to it.