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Chris Crawford Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Chris Crawford

I am new to retail investing/trading but what I’ve witness with GME and AMC really opened my eyes to how corrupt and fixed the markets are. The mainstream media I used previously to help make decisions, has been 100% controlled to influence retail investors in a pure evil way. This is about as easy as it gets to see the manipulation. This manipulation is throughout the entire process with naked short selling and failure to delivers to be the main levers to control price. It is so blatant and obvious that everyone is numb to it. Even when it’s known, there are many ways to hide it. Since money and Power go hand and hand, no one wants to bite the hand that feeds them. There are millions of retail investors trying to do the right thing and have done a great job of documenting the illegal practices done daily. However, we need some help here. We would love to partner and work towards a more fair market but we need to be able to partner with the folks that can help. There are some bad apples that need to be dealt with before millions of retail investors get swindled again. Please help us. If you need help, there is a whole community doing more good work in their spare time than half the large organizations involved in the markets. There is a wealth of talented people that would step up and call this out and not make you look like the bad guy. We’ll take the heat if it will drive change. Come on. Look around. You are in your role because you wanted to help. Don’t get complacent. Stand up and take on the challenge. Do it for the next generation or the ones that got played out of all of their money. Thanks for your time and I wish you a fantastic day.