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Chris Early Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Chris Early

In a fair and free market there should be absolute transparency. The number of shares shorted should be available in real time during trading hours. No more dark pool trading. Every single share sold should be reported and able to be located at any time. Market manipulation is rampant and hurting retail investors. Get rid of algo trading back and forth. Naked shorting and FTDs should carry heavier penalties and be forced to close out their positions much sooner or face total trading restrictions. Naked short selling currently happens and is illegal and is unfair to retail traders. I have spent my entire life reading and studying about investing. Ive made mistakes but my goal was always to help pay my college, masters degree, and technical school while supporting a family. It is truly unfortunate that for at least the last two decades (Ive invested in the last three decades) that short selling occurs and forces businesses out of business. Lost jobs and wages, and to the retail investors that don't have access to the same data, or opting out of pay for order flow (I never knew about this) and high frequency trading and algorithms used by these huge firms (citadel) to out maneuver retail investors. Its unfortunate that the USA cannot rightfully, morally, ethically claim the title of "Free Market" if we don't have effective government watch agencies that take them to task with enormous, fines that cause them to think twice about cheating or out maneuvering the retail investors (think 5 billion to start for any violation). I cannot retire to this day and I have a good paying job but if i cant grow my investment because you didn't do your job, sleep well.