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Chris Harden Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Chris Harden
Farm Equipment Manufacturing

Have now studied the stock market and how groups like CITADEL have been absolutely stealing from the Global Investment Community while SEC/FINRA/LEGISLATORS/PRESIDENT are simply turning a blind eye to Naked Shorting/handling FTD's and being able to manipulate stock prices by using borrowed shares in DARK POOL TRADING. Ken Griffin needs to feel the pain that he has caused the world retail investment community. He is a billionaire at the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. It is time for those that enforce rules to ENFORCE RULES. They have run so many businesses out of business with their Short GAmes and cost millions of retail investors to lose money. It is time for the rules to be enforced, the public be made aware of their thefts/how they rob us and we will file the Class Action D&O suits to bankrupt them and retrieve our monetary assetts they have stolen. Please do YOUR JOBS AND ENFORCE what you know is right. We see you and are watching you very closely. If you cannot see the blatant daily manipulation of the meme stocks, you are either completely STUPID, which I cannot believe...OR YOU ARE SCARED OF THOSE WHO ARE BLATANTLY STEALING FROM ME AND MY FAMILY. I will not let it rest and have the resources and legal backing to make them pay.