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Chris Pollice Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Chris Pollice

I would love to see a more timely and accurate reporting of short positions. No-monthly isn’t cutting it. The manipulation happening right now with retail investors money is blatant and should not be tolerated. Recent events have brought to light how unbalanced and unfair the system is for retail investors that pay budgets for these government reporting and enforcement agencies. The market makers are hurting families and businesses in the United States and the only way to fight this battle is for transparency at this stage. The SEC and DTCC have made it very well known by their lack of action on recent events that the retail investor is unwelcome on Wall Street. The only way for us to fight is to bring this information to the light so everyone can see how unfair this system is. If something is not done soon I will be removing my 401k and all of my long and short positions in the market. I’m assuming there will be others that follow suit with how recent events are being handled. Best regards, Christopher Pollice