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Christian Tanner Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Christian Tanner

It is unfortunate that the system must be an "US vs THEM" system, especially when they don't have to play by the same rules that we, the little guy, the 99%, the "dumb money", the "retail investor, has to follow. Things I would like to see changed: -- There needs to be more transparency. We need to be able to see the shorts. We need to see the FTDs. Short positions need daily reporting daily in a public accessible space so investors can see this without having to pay for the "privilege" of playing a fair game. -- Why do we have "dark pools". Why is this even a thing? There needs to be one market. Not one for them and one for everyone. Being able to deal "behind the scenes" is ridiculous and can in now way be described as "fair trading". Get rid of this or, in the least, make sure that dark pool actions are properly carried to the market to have the proper effect on the overall market. This kind of set up, and knowing of this kind of setup is just saying that we know the game is rigged and we are ok with it. -- When there are violations addressed, the punishments need to be in line with the violation. Why would I stop my illegal practice if the fine is MUCH less than what I did. I.e. if I had 800,000 FTDs at $50 per share, but I only get fined $500,000. Yeah, just give me the fine and I'll move on. This is ridiculous and should be fixed. -- Why can market makers and hedge funds be the same people? I'm the buyer and the seller??? How does this make sense? Just a bit of a conflict of interest! -- What is the SEC doing? How can people with no financial background/education clearly see the manipulation of certain stocks, but the SEC remains silent? This needs to end! -- There needs to be routine auditing of options to ensure that shorts and/or FTDs aren't be covered/hidden through options. While I appreciate FINRA asking for input, I am more than a bit skeptical of whether it will do any good. As we have seen from other organizations, the rules only matter to the 1%, and I'm not the 1%. I feel that if the playing feel was leveled with more transparency and equal rules to play by, many of us would have a much better chance of improving our lives, our communities, and our world. It all starts with fixing some of these unfair rules/practices. I've done my part, now it's your turn. Thank you for your time, Christian Tanner