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Christopher Kelly Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Christopher Kelly

I am a retail investor. I have invested in AMC. Other than buying a few shares of Apple and Disney stock I have only played in mutual funds and mostly in my 401k. I invested in AMC on June 1 2021. I am a CPA. I am very frustrated with what appears to be market manipulation to force the stock price down. The hedge funds appeared to take a position as far back as January 1 2021 to put AMC out of business and capture tons of profits. They were met by retail investors thwarting them and it appears there may be synthetic shares/naked shorting and what I would say is inappropriate use of the dark pool. First. There should be visibility and transparency throughout the entire process. Institutions and hedge funds should not have advantage over retail investors to suppress the stock price. Synthetic shares should not be allowed under any circumstances. Slowing down of transactions to advantage institutions and hedge funds should not be permitted. Shorting of stocks should require cash on hand and be forced to cover within a reasonable time such as a day or two to prevent the unnecessary and inappropriate situations that have been happening likely in every stock but most obviously with AMC and GameStop