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Colin Riordan Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Colin Riordan

Hi I believe that short selling of any kind is bad, while showing more data is a positive step. Shorting still has too much scope for bad practice. There’s a conflict of interests as soon as a party shorts a company. Too many of the main players in today’s market have ties in all areas of the market. Allowing them to manipulate and drive theses companies further down to there benefit. I could delve deeper into issues surrounding shorting but I’m sure everyone is well aware what goes on, unless there blind. Far too many companies have been pushed off a cliff by this unnecessary practice. Shorting allows market participants to basically speed up the demise of a company, when otherwise they could have turned things around. Instead of companies having the time to try and recover from an epidemic like COVID there given no chance at all because there experts who know how to take full advantage of any situation and have done for decades ands only getting worse. Shorting needs to go so every person on this planet can have fair crack at making honest money. Why is invest in a company you believe not enough. The system as it stands is left open to manipulate by no accident and I for one have lost faith in it altogether. Thank you for reading. Kindest regards Colin Riordan