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Cory Conway Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Cory Conway

Hello, To whom it may concern, I request that with diligence and haste we implement blockchain technology to ensure a free market. In regards to voting on market practice and for t-0 trade transactions, a fundamental blockchain system would give us a streamlined and sufficient order flow to close the trading gap between market makers and retail. We are recklessly headed toward more financial instability and blockchain has been waiting for a use case to bring it relevance. Let’s bring back confidence in the market and end the corrupt practices of off market trading. Instead of arguing whether synthetic shares exist or if payment for order flow is robbing retail of fair market value, let’s step into the 21st century and adjust the system to work for everyone. Let’s evolve, before destruction. I’ve seen this predatory practices for far too long. Thank you, for your consideration. Veteran Iraqi Freedom II