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Daniel Muhlberger Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Daniel Muhlberger

Hello and good evening. I would just like to comment that it makes no sense why the market maker "Citadel" trades on the dark pool that they created not having to report any information while they look at every order we make. Investing in a company should not be playing against the house, this is not a casino, it is an investment for the better of our economy. FINRA (you) reported GME at a short interest of 309.83% October 16-30 how is this physically possible to short 3x the float? That is naked shorting. Then it just disappears as if it never happened, clearly it was hidden. Penny stocks do not even have short interest % reported who knows what happens on there. AMC and GME shareholders are the only ones to ever speak out and make a scene against what has never been leveled I am well aware I am mocked for my investment due to mainstream media Citadel owns and I can accept that. However, we shouldn't have to research as hundreds and thousands of independent investors, this should be your job to provide us this research. Automate it and regulate it please, before we have another Financial Crisis if it isn't too late already. This pandemic has been pure dictatorship and a threat to our economy by hedge funds and megabanks, Congress had already addressed that elephant in the room. What they did not address is the lack of transparency provided to retail investors by FINRA, which has been the cherry on top of all this chaos and is equally to blame. Thank you for your time and I hope to see naked shorts come to an end in this rigged and unstable market.