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Darrell John Ramones Cayaban Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Darrell John Ramones Cayaban

Hello, I'm sending this comment on behalf of the current situation of short sales being done within the stock market of AMC. As a new investor being affected by the current situation of the manipulation being held within the stock market, specifically AMC, it has been disheartening to see what's being done to the stock market. I've noticed throughout my time investing, I, along with many other individual investors, have realized since the beginning of January that there has been inequality due to certain interests between the wealthy and working class of society. From my research and also keeping up with stock market news and insiders information, there is blatant manipulation happening between the Hedge funds and other multi-million dollar companies towards the lesser retail investors. Some, but not all, unfair acts being done by these higher-ups include: Naked short selling, price manipulations, using media to eradicate true information, use of the dark pool, and using individuals to create a psychological warfare to create unstable emotional decisions all while attacking the investors to lead them to make poor decision within the market. There are multiple other factors included that were not mentioned but I'm sure you can connect the dots with the information given. Thank you for accepting our comments and I hope to see a difference within the stock market sooner, if not later. All Justice should be made and it should be sincerely taken into hands of all regulators with seriousness. Once again, Thank you for you time and patience. We appreciate your support and help to a fair and equal stock market!