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Darrell Jones Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Darrell Jones

Respectfully, Much of what FINRA is “considering” regarding the reporting of Short Selling, Reporting, disclosures, and transparency is all needed to protect not only retail investors both domestic and abroad, but to ensure there is confidence in the US stock market. A failure to close loopholes from hedge funds and create a fair and equitable platform where investors get “real” pricing, and manipulation through short selling, converting bonds to stock, dark pool trading, and mass manipulation of the price will have long term ramifications and make it MUCH harder to fix in the future the longer FINRA and the SEC allows this to happen. As a tax payer and investor I encourage FINRA and other regulatory bodies to enforce the rules you create with an emphasis on closing loopholes not based on comments by people like me, but because it is simply the right thing to do, and Fair!