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David Caradonna Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

David Caradonna

I don't believe FINRA even has the capabilities to create a fair and free market as what we have is the literal opposite. If you do, no one has seen it. Synthetic shares are created by the millions with no regulation or repercussion. Shares are traded in dark pools by market makers, then shorted in lit pools to crippled and drive down the price of stocks for market makers and institutions that have puts against those companies. It is nothing short of domestic terrorism against the American people and it is time the regulators in charge of making sure this doesn't happen, including yourself who is quite literally in charge of this reporting, actually do their jobs to end it. You are either complacent or negligent and both are punishable crimes against the American people and will be followed through with if this is not handled promptly and severely. We have market makers like Citadel completely manipulating the market, illegally, in the open for everyone to see, to suit their needs and their needs alone. As a pretty intelligent investor, I have almost no reason I can give to anyone that wants to invest that would lead them to believe it is a good idea. It quite simply is not when there are institutions that can dictate where the market goes. When the punishment for crimes is a percentage of what is gained it's more of a slap in the face to those that follow the rules honestly and publicly than anything else. If I can manipulate a position worth hundreds of millions and the fine to do so is barely a fraction of that, with literally no other consequences there is absolutely nothing hindering me from doing that crime. This happens on not only a monthly or daily basis but by the hour. It is widely accepted across the whole financial regulation system and Americans have completely lost faith in the system. Companies who employ tens of thousands of Americans have been illegally crippled and closed because of this highly illegal and frankly jokingly penalized crime and it is about time the government stops it. Prove to us you are not the dishonest, bribed system that you are now labeled by every American who is not a part of a bank or large institution.