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David M Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

David M
Retail Trader

Clearly… the market has become so rigged, unenforced and rebellious that unless you enact changes, companies will decide for themselves to create their own depository and turn every share into an NFT on the blockchain, because nothing else can protect them from predatory and malicious actions of bad actors that are emboldened by a system that gives them little oversight and allows them to basically make up the rules as to go along, while preying on those traders and organizations and companies who are trapped within parameters that make them easy targets. Y’all have created a mess… My hope is to not only see changes… but to actually see them ENFORCED. Overstock has been on the Threshold list for how long?! This has become nothing more then a marketplace where exists a conveyor belt from the 99 that does into pockets of the 1 that is hidden behind a wall of superficial legitimacy called “the markets.” Sincerely - Every retail trader