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Anonymous-DD Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


This is a joke, what kind of a free market scam are you selling me here? Hedgefunds have caused a market crash before and they're okay doing it again because there is no consequences and infinite bailouts. Retail investors can't even have fair competition with them because they have access to darkpools while we don't, they access to naked shorts and we don't, we don't want them fined anymore, we want them jailed, if I was a hedgefund manager and if I knew I was going to make 100 million at the cost of other people and businesses that could have benefited retail investors and ONLY get fined for 5 million dollars, I would gladly take that fine as a slap on the wrist EVERY SINGLE TIME. give us access to their short positions, give us access to the TOTAL number of naked shorts, the total number of fail to delivers, and for the love of god, deactivate, disconnect, or discontinue the dark pools platform. This is not a free market, this is a scam