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Del Schoening Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Del Schoening
Retired Utilities

Hello, I find it not only unfair but downright illegal for ANYONE or any FIRM to be able to manufacture shares of stock that they do not own. Often referred to as synthetic shares they seem to be used to manipulate stock prices either up or down at their pleasure and steal hard earned money form the honest shareholders of any given company. How can the honest person decide if an investment in a company is a good investment if the prices and shares can be manipulated? If I sell a car I cannot manufacture 20 more titles and sell them why should it be any different for a stockbroker or hedgefund be able to do the same with a stock? Why is the sec NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS WELL KNOW ISSUE? We demand margin calls on ALL shares that have been manufactured or manipulated to disadvantage the normal investor. Naked shorts sellers need to go to jail. They are defrauding the American people and deserve to suffer the full weight of the law. SEC.....DO YOUR JOB.