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Dustin Hammond Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Dustin Hammond

Something needs to be done with the Naked Shorting companies are doing. Citadel Securities has been manipulating the price action of stocks through dark pool trading, naked shorting, & synthetic shares. The SEC seems to be doing nothing in the retail favor more so doing more for the hedge funds. This past weekend was only good fundamental news for AMC yet they’ve shorted and drove the price down all week & no news outlets or brokers are talking about any of the good news from this past weekend. I’m asking for a fair market. Not manipulated by hedge funds driving targeted companies stock price down. Also AMC has been on the threshold list for 6+ days. A fee for them not covering has done nothing. They continue again and again. They make 10x the amount they’re charged for their actions. Jail time needs to be set in place. Not a slap on the hand with a $7M fee. They make that kind of money in weeks. The corruption going on with these so called “meme stocks” has to end. We’re buying a stock we like legally. They’re shorting a stock illegally.