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Edward M Ryan Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Edward M Ryan

Good day, There is brazen and blatant market manipulation being done by big investors to drive down prices of securities such as AMC and GME, including practices such as naked shorting, ladder attacks, the spreading of misinformation through media outlets, etc. As to the short interest, what is reported is not accurate, as much of what takes place is on "dark pools" and is made of of naked shorts. I'd suggest working with the appropriate enforcement agencies to put an end to these practices. As I mentioned above, what took place today and of late with AMC is utterly disgusting and "exhibit A" as to why many have no faith in the market. Shorting a position is one thing. Nothing wrong with that. But watching massive hedge funds and other "whales" get caught on the wrong end of a bad bet and then drive down prices artificially to avoid paying the piper makes this entire market a complete farce. For the love of god, do your job. Respectfully, Edward M Ryan