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Ernesto Blanco Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Ernesto Blanco

Hello Finra! , Thank you for listening to the people about these issues! we really need our voices heard since we might be a lot of individuals but we are not as organized as some big money entities are and we cant express ourselves in a very cohesive way but anyways. Please take a look into short selling taking place in $AMC & $GME and some others that i belive are being manipulated against retail investor interests. the NYSE even said that the price action is not representing reality and that a lot of what happens goes through the dark pools. the retail investor has come to a conclusion that the markets are rigged and are set up to benefit the people who have enough money to get the advantages these really rich entities seem to have over everybody else in the "free market" so please take a look at this and expose their corruption when it comes to reporting short interest and all types of shorting activities going on with these stocks. Thanks FInra!